Sunday, July 6, 2008

Update--Sunday July 6

Well,the forecast was is 39C in my backyard currently.Temp being reported from the weather station is 14C.That's quite a differnce in a few short kms.

First Week Of July '08

Last week was,for the most part,warm and sometimes quite humid.Sunday and Monday were a little cool and wet but it cleared for the holiday on Tuesday and the rest of the week was dry except for a breif shower on Thursday.Tuesday and Wednesday were the hottest with temps reaching the upper 30sC.

Wednesday's high on my thermometer:

The forecast for this week is for quite warm temps and very little precip:

Tropical storm Bertha is now brewing in the mid-Atlantic.Whether or not that will make it here is yet to be seen.
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Note:The temps shown in the forecast block on the right are collected at the nearest local weather station located at Western Head which is very near the ocean.The temps there are quite different than hereusually.

Winter's Last Gasp

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