Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cold - Warm - Cold - ?

Well,I haven’t had much time to pound out an entry lately but I thought I’d better get an update on here this morning while I could. The weather has been going up and down like a yo-yo here.Monday was a cold and windy day,yesterday was warm and sunny and today we are back to cold.It is only about 8°C here this morning and overcast and windy.There were flurries forecast for us for earlier in the week for today but that has been revised to none.However,parts of New England,not far from here,are either getting or have already had some snow activity.This is not a snowstorm but any kind of snow at this time of the year is a little out of the norm. Our weather is expected to improve over the next few days and we should be getting back to more normal temps.Normal for here at this time of the year is 11°C according to Environment Canada. The current conditions screenshot:

Winter's Last Gasp

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