Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cooler..But Still Nice

We ended October ‘08 on a cool note.The temps were in the low double digits for the daytime highs and down to the frost level in the nights.It was a real nice Halloween night…clear,not too cold and quiet.I’m sure the kids had fun.We only had 14 ‘Trick or Treaters’ here so I get the leftovers!!

The forecast has flurries in it for us for tomorrow and then warming up into the double digits by mid-week.It seemed early for snow to be forecast for here and then I remembered last year.On Nov 10th we had a snow storm!! Heavy,wet,miserable snow.Fortunately it didn’t last but…..we had to walk home a couple of kms that night.We were at a party and the power and phone system got knocked out from the weight of the snow on the wires.No comms,no drive….c’est la vie….LOL.

Be sure to check the cams tomorrow to see if we get any flurries here.

NOTE: I currently have the cams’ server computer set to auto start/shut down from 7AM to 7PM.No sense wasting power to display darkness.

Later folks,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Very Warm

It is still very mild here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.I have a temp of +17°C on my thermometer this afternoon.That’s right,plus 17 Celcius which is almost 70°F ! I’ll bet a lot of you thought that Canada was cold and snowy most of the time.It is also very calm and somewhat foggy here today.

Last evening we had some rain and a bit of wind…..of course,the power went out for about an hour.That seems to happen a lot here.Maybe NSP should take some of the rate increase revenue and repair / replace the old wires rather than just patch them.

We are expecting the warm weather to last until Wednesday and then it’s back to more normal conditions with Thursday possibly being a little below the seasonal norm.

So,the ‘yo-yo’ temps are continuing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Mild

After a couple of very warm and sunny days we are going to have some rain.The temp is still mild and is at +12°C currently.There isn’t any rain yet but it is quite breezy and damp.Thunderstorms are also a possibility for tonight. There are lots of leaves dropping in my backyard today:

The warm air is expected to last until Tuesday and then it will be clearing and cooling somewhat.

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